Taylor Kelly NFL

Taylor Kelly was born in 1991 in Idaho and is a former quarterback for the College of Arizona State. After graduating from high school as the top senior football payer he signed a letter of intent to attend BCS conference in 2010. As a Senior leading Eagle High School, he threw for over 200 yards for times. He also rushed for over 100 yards with 25 tackles, 29 of them performed solo.

In 2010, he decided to be part of the track and field performers in Eagle High School recording his personal best of 11.74 in the 100-meter dash achieving fourth place and achieving his personal best of 5.79 in the long jump, reaching second place. He also likes drag racing and has been his favorite hobby since he turned 14, but in recent declarations Arizona State quarterback stated that he chooses football over drag racing and that he was going to retire to enhance his football performance.

It was probably one of his best decisions since now Taylor Kelly NFL quarterback position is one of the favorite in the United States. However, in a recent interview he says that racing is one of his passions and that he is considering the possibility of racing cars in a professional way.